Cognum Financial Consulting Ltd. ("Cognum"), formerly "Itzhak Swary Ltd.", is one of Israel's most prominent financial consulting firms. It is unique in the wide scope of its expertise. The firm  provides a range of financial advisory services: mergers & acquisitions, business valuation, strategic consulting, IPO advisory, tax planning, investment analysis, anti-trust issues, regulatory processes, expert opinions in legal cases, audit and due diligence.  
It was founded in 1990 by Professor Itzhak Swary, one of the country's best known authorities on banking, accounting and taxation. Its partners and professional staff include experts on finance, accounting, taxation, regulation and anti-trust legislation.
Today, the firm is headed by Uri Cohen and Gilad Danon. Professor Menachem Brenner serves  as a special consultant to the firm.
Active in both the public and private sectors, Cognum is involved in the most important areas of Israel's economy today, including the capital markets and the privatization of state-owned companies. The firm is also renowned for its successful reorganization plans, which have helped rescue a number of ailing enterprises.
Cognum provides economic consulting services to both public and private companies in all sectors of the Israeli economy: industrial companies, energy, retail, telecommunications, high-tech, real estate, insurance, banking, governmental ministries, etc. Since its inception, the firm has been involved in Israel’s critical economic activities, such as the formulation of strategic plans for mergers and acquisitions  as well as valuations affected by contemplated changes in the legal environment. The  firm  also provides consulting services to companies seeking to implement strategic and structural changes with the aim of achieving growth and efficiency.