Management Consulting and Strategic Planning

Cognum provides strategic business advice to entities seeking to make structural changes affecting both their consumers and their competitors, as well as the entity itself.
In this capacity, the firm provides consulting services to companies for outlining a plan that aligns with the objectives of the parties and assists them during the  implementation process. In this area, the firm has advised leading companies on issues relating to distributing financial products in retail chains, credit cards, the cellular market, reorganization in chemical and energy companies and advising the Ports & Railway Authority.
The firm was also involved in creating a business plan and presenting alternatives for the establishment of the new Israeli fruits and vegetables wholesale market (2012); strategic business consultation regarding the distribution of financial products in the Shufersal chain in cooperation with Paz and Bank Leumi, wherein the Shufersal credit card was launched (2006); building a strategic plan for one of Israel's leading banks; consulting to the Ministry of Communications prior to opening the market to a second cellular company; strategic consulting to a large holding company subsequent to change of the control group; consultation with respect to the strategic reorganization of Israel’s largest energy and chemical companies; consulting to the Ports and Railways Authority regarding their development budget; consulting to the Airports Authority in connection with financing the construction of Terminal 3 (Ben-Gurion Int'l Airport 2000); consulting to investors in the "Carmel Tunnels" project and to the MTS Group regarding the Tel Aviv light-rail Metro project.